From Hunger With Love and Eleanore Cooney

A few years ago, I teamed up with writer Eleanor Cooney to create my autobiography, FROM HUNGER WITH LOVE. If adversity and adventure shape the man, then I'm the walking (and unicycling) embodiment of that. From life-and-death battles on the playground of my tough grade school, to brushes with the law and stealing food to survive, to coming close to dying in a Greek prison in my late teens, to the military-like rigors of culinary school, to getting my mother through grueling cancer surgery and chemo via my custom-designed super-nutritious diet, to working for high-powered luminaries such as Steve Jobs, and so much more, including a stint in a Sicilian circus, my life's been anything but ordinary.

The book is more than half finished. Advance readers tell us it's thrilling. We're excited to be getting back to work on it soon. It'll be available for download as an e-book. Watch for tantalizing excerpts!

Meantime, here's some reading to keep you occupied until FROM HUNGER WITH LOVE is ready!

"Eleanor and her coauthor Daniel Altieri wrote these bestselling historical novels of T'ang China, published by William Morrow in the late 80s and early 90s, now available on Kindle!" E.